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Headshots Pricing

jovie jose, financial professional headshot, wearing a black shirt, brown eyes, brown hair with blond hairlights
paul fearson, street racer headshot, wearing black top, black hair, tight black beard and mustache
matthew coore rugby player headshot, wearing white top, crewcut haircut, hazel eyes
david schnier, lawyer headshot, wearing blue pinstripe suit, white shirt, yellow tie

How the Action Happens


Select the date and time for your Headshot Event

Day of the Shoot

I will coach you through the Headshot process

Image Selection

The images selected will be slightly retouched

Digital Delivery

You will receive an email with download instructions

Headshot Session

In Studio
$ 250
Session Fee
  • Retouched Images $50.00
  • Unlimited Look
  • Image Review after the Shoot
  • 2 hours Timeframe


Home / Office
$ 500
Session Fee
  • Retouched Images $50.00
  • Unlimited Look
  • Image Review after the Shoot
  • 2 hours Timeframe

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to my headshot session?

Bring multiple outfits to the headshot session. Together we will go through the outfits and select the options that best work for you.

How are the images retouched?

Only the images you selected are retouched. The retouching that occurs is a natural retouching, removal of acne, blemishes or anything of that sort.

How long before my Headshots images are ready?

The retouched images you selected will be made available for download within 1 week from the time you select them. You will receive a download link to the images via email.

What type of makeup should I have?

For headshots it is best to aim for a natural looking makeup. Similar to what you would wear work. For the lips we recommend something with a bit of a shine to them to make your lips pop with the lights.

Do you have a Makeup Artist you recommend?

I work with several licensed esthetician, who are training in cosmetics and makeup. They have also gone through COVID-19 training.

Can I wear jewelry?

For a professional headshot, it is recommended to not wear jewelry or to keep the jewelry light. We do this as to not distract from you. Unless you want a personal branding session.

Headshots Pricing for
Group Rates or On-Location
Other then Home and Office
Please request a quote

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